• Hardware YUV overlays
  • OpenGL - software only
  • 2D/3D accelerations (depends on directfb driver)
  • multiple displays
  • windows

What you need:

  • DirectFB 1.0.1, 1.2.x, 1.3.0
  • Kernel-Framebuffer support: required: vesafb, radeonfb ....
  • Mesa 7.0.x - optional for OpenGL


This file should contain the following lines to make your joystick work and avoid crashes:

disable-module=joystick disable-module=cle266 disable-module=cyber5k no-linux-input-grab

To disable to use x11 backend when DISPLAY variable is found use


To disable the use of linux input devices, i.e. multimice/multikeyboard support, use


To use hardware accelerated YUV-overlays for YUV-textures, use:


This is disabled by default. It will only support one YUV texture, namely the first. Every other YUV texture will be rendered in software.

In addition, you may use (directfb-1.2.x)


to make the YUV texture an underlay. This will make the cursor to be shown.

Simple Window Manager

The driver has support for a very, very basic window manager you may want to use when running with “wm=default”. Use


to enable basic window borders. In order to have the window title rendered, you need to have the following font installed:


OpenGL Support

The following instructions will give you software OpenGL. However this works at least on all directfb supported platforms.

As of this writing 20100802 you need to pull Mesa from git and do the following:

git clone git:// cd mesa git checkout 2c9fdaf7292423c157fc79b5ce43f0f199dd753a

Edit configs/linux-directfb so that the Directories-section looks like


SRC_DIRS = mesa glu GLU_DIRS = sgi DRIVER_DIRS = directfb PROGRAM_DIRS =

make linux-directfb make

echo Installing - please enter sudo pw.

sudo make install INSTALL_DIR=/usr/local/dfb_GL cd src/mesa/drivers/directfb make sudo make install INSTALL_DIR=/usr/local/dfb_GL

To run the SDL - testprograms:

export SDL_VIDEODRIVER=directfb export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/dfb_GL/lib export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/local/dfb_GL/