Simple DirectMedia Layer 2 for OS/2 & eComStation

SDL port for OS/2, authored by Andrey Vasilkin, 2016

OpenGL, joystick and audio capture not supported by this port.

Additional environment variables (optional) for OS/2 version:

SDL_AUDIO_SHARE Values: 0 or 1, default is 0 Initializes the device as shareable or exclusively acquired.

SDL_VIDEODRIVER Values: DIVE or VMAN, default is DIVE Use video subsystem: Direct interface video extensions (DIVE) or Video Manager (VMAN).

You may significantly increase video output speed with OS4 kernel and patched files vman.dll and dive.dll or with latest versions of ACPI support and video driver Panorama.

Latest versions of OS/4 kernel: (Info:

Patched files vman.dll and dive.dll:


Open Watcom 1.9 or newer is tested. For the new Open Watcom V2 fork, see: and WATCOM ervironment variable must to be set to the Open Watcom install directory. To compile, run: wmake -f Makefile.os2


  • eComStation:

    If you have previously installed SDL2, make a Backup copy of SDL2.dll located in D:\ecs\dll (where D: is disk on which installed eComStation). Stop all programs running with SDL2. Copy SDL2.dll to D:\ecs\dll

  • OS/2:

    Copy SDL2.dll to any directory on your LIBPATH. If you have a previous version installed, close all SDL2 applications before replacing the old copy. Also make sure that any other older versions of DLLs are removed from your system.