name: Bug Report about: Inform the libjpeg-turbo maintainer about unexpected, reproducible behavior title: '' labels: bug assignees: dcommander

Have you searched the existing issues (both open and closed) in the libjpeg-turbo issue tracker to ensure that this bug report is not a duplicate?

Does this bug report describe one of the two known and unsolvable issues with the JPEG format?

Clear and concise description of the bug:

Steps to reproduce the bug (using only libjpeg-turbo):

Image(s) needed in order to reproduce the bug (if applicable):

Expected behavior:

Observed behavior:

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libjpeg-turbo release(s), commit(s), or branch(es) in which the bug was observed (always test the tip of the master branch or the latest stable pre-release to verify that the bug hasn't already been fixed):

If the bug is a regression, the specific commit that introduced the regression (use git bisect to determine this):

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