Within this repository:

  • Hand-written C code is formatted by clang-format-9 -style=Chromium.
  • Auto-generated C code is formatted by dumbindent, which isn't as ‘pretty’ in some sense, but is substantially faster, making the edit-compile-run cycle more productive.
  • Go code is formatted by gofmt.
  • Wuffs code is formatted by wuffsfmt.

Some C code has empty // line-comments, which look superfluous at first, but force clang-format to break the line. This ensures one element per line (in a long list) or having a function‘s name (not just its type) start a line. For example, grep ^wuffs_base__utf_8_ release/c/wuffs-unsupported-snapshot.c (and note the ^) gives you a rough overview of Wuffs’ UTF-8 related functions, because of the forced line breaks:

size_t  //
wuffs_base__utf_8__encode(wuffs_base__slice_u8 dst, uint32_t code_point);