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  1. bmp_fuzzer.c
  2. cbor_fuzzer.c
  3. gif_fuzzer.c
  4. json_fuzzer.c
  5. pixel_swizzler_fuzzer.c
  6. png_fuzzer.c
  8. seed_corpora.txt
  9. zlib_fuzzer.c

This directory contains multiple programs to fuzz Wuffs' implementations of various codecs. For example, gif_fuzzer.c is a program to fuzz Wuffs' GIF implementation.

They are typically run indirectly, by a fuzzing framework such as OSS-Fuzz. That repository‘s projects/wuffs directory contains the complementary configuration for this directory’s code.

When working on these files, it is possible to run them directly on an explicit test suite, in order to speed up the edit-compile-run cycle. Look for WUFFS_CONFIG__FUZZLIB_MAIN for more details, and in seed_corpora.txt for suggested test data.