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# Feed this file to script/make-artificial.go
# This GIF image contains multiple "Graphic Control Extensions" for a frame.
# The GIF89a specification says that "at most one Graphic Control Extension may
# precede a graphic rendering block", but in practice, some encoders emit more
# than one, and decoders ignore all but the last one.
make gif
image {
imageWidthHeight 1 1
palette {
0x00 0x00 0xFF
0x11 0x00 0xFF
0x22 0x00 0xFF
0x33 0x00 0xFF
graphicControl animationDisposalNone 200ms
graphicControl animationDisposalNone 300ms
frame {
frameLeftTopWidthHeight 0 0 1 1
lzw 2 0x00