Compression Decoders

Compression decoders read from one input stream (an io_reader called src) and write to an output stream (an io_writer called dst). Wuffs' implementations have one key method: transform_io. It incrementally decompresses the source data.

This method is a coroutine, and does not require either all of the input or all of the output to fit in a single contiguous buffer. It can suspend with the $short_read or $short_write statuses when the src buffer needs re-filling or the dst buffer needs flushing. For an example, look at the example/zcat program, which uses fixed size buffers, but reads arbitrarily long compressed input from stdin and writes arbitrarily long decompressed output to stdout.


TODO: standardize the various dictionary APIs, after Wuffs v0.2 is released.



Related Documentation

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