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  2. cbor-to-json/
  3. convert-to-nia/
  4. crc32/
  5. gifplayer/
  6. imageviewer/
  7. json-to-cbor/
  8. jsonfindptrs/
  9. jsonptr/
  10. sdl-imageviewer/
  11. toy-genlib/
  12. zcat/

This directory contains example programs that use Wuffs the Library. See Hello wuffs-c for an example program that uses Wuffs the Language and its wuffs-c compiler.

Other than the toy-* examples, all of these programs do real work. They‘re not just programming language toys at the “calculate the Fibonacci sequence” level of triviality. For example, the example/crc32 and example/zcat programs are roughly equivalent to Debian Linux’s /usr/bin/crc32 and /bin/zcat programs.