Work In Progress

  • Added std/wbmp package.
  • Renamed decode_io_writer? methods to transform_io?.
  • Added interfaces.
  • Renamed warnings to notes.
  • Made wuffs_base__pixel_format a struct.
  • Made wuffs_base__pixel_subsampling a struct.
  • Made wuffs_base__status a struct.
  • Removed wuffs_base__frame_config__blend.

2019-12-19 version 0.2.0

The headline feature is that the GIF decoder is now of production quality. There is now API for overall metadata (e.g. ICCP color profiles) and to recreate each frame (width, height, BGRA pixels, timing, etc.) of a GIF animation, instead of version 0.1's proof-of-concept GIF decoder API, which just gave you a one-dimensional stream of palette indexes. It also now accepts a variety of GIF images that are invalid, when strictly following the GIF specifiction, but are nonetheless accepted by other real world GIF implementations. The Wuffs GIF decoder has also been optimized to be about 1.5x faster than Wuffs version 0.1 and about 2x faster than giflib (the C library).

The Wuffs GIF decoder is being trialled by Skia, the 2-D graphics library used by both the Android operating system and the Chromium web browser.

Work also proceeds on the NIE and RAC file formats, but both are still experimental and may change later in backwards incompatible ways.

The dot points below probably aren‘t of interest unless you’re upgrading from Wuffs version 0.1.

  • Renamed Puffs to Wuffs.
  • Ship as a “single file C library”
  • Added a skipgendeps flag.
  • Added a nullptr literal and nptr T type.
  • Added io_bind and io_limit keywords.
  • Added a use keyword.
  • Added a yield keyword.
  • Made the return value mandatory; added ok literal.
  • Restricted var statements to the top of functions.
  • Dropped the = RHS out of var x T = RHS.
  • Changed func out-type from struct to bare type.
  • Renamed the implicit in variable to args.
  • Added an implicit coroutine_resumed variable.
  • Added std/adler32, std/crc32 and std/gzip.
  • Added std/gif quirks.
  • Spun std/lzw out of std/gif.
  • Spun std/zlib out of std/flate.
  • Let the std/gzip and std/zlib decoder ignore checksums.
  • Renamed std/flate to std/deflate.
  • Renamed != to <>; ! is now only for impure functions.
  • Renamed ~+ to ~mod+; added ~mod-, ~sat+ and ~sat-.
  • Removed &^.
  • Renamed $(etc) to [etc].
  • Renamed [i..j] to [i ..= j], consistent with Rust syntax.
  • Renamed [i:j] to [i .. j], consistent with Rust syntax.
  • Renamed x T to x: T, consistent with Rust syntax.
  • Renamed [N] T and [] T types to array[N] T and slice T.
  • Renamed while:label to while.label.
  • Renamed u32, buf1, etc to base.u32, base.io_buffer, etc.
  • Renamed unread_u8? to undo_byte!; added can_undo_byte.
  • Renamed some decode? methods to decode_io_writer?.
  • Replaced = try foo with =? foo.
  • Prohibited effect-ful subexpressions.
  • Redesigned iterate blocks.
  • Added {frame,image,pixel}_config and pixel_buffer types.
  • Added a reset method.
  • Added peek_uxx, skip_fast and write_fast_uxx methods.
  • Renamed some read_uxx methods as read_uxx_as_uyy.
  • Report image metadata such as ICCP and XMP.
  • Added I/O positions.
  • Tweaked how I/O marks and limits work.
  • Tweaked io_buffer / io_reader distinction in C and Wuffs.
  • Added extra fields (uninitialized internal buffers) to structs.
  • Supported animated (not just single frame) and interlaced GIFs.
  • Marked some internal status codes as private.
  • Removed closed-for-read/write built-in status codes.
  • Changed the string messages for built-in status codes.
  • Changed error "foo" to "#foo" or base."#bar".
  • Added warnings as another status code category.
  • Made the status type a const char *, not an int32_t.
  • Disallowed __double_underscore prefixed names.
  • Added fuzz tests.
  • Added some C++ convenience methods.
  • Added some Go and Rust benchmarks.
  • Made struct implementations private (opaque pointers).
  • Sped up the mimic_deflate_xxx benchmarks.
  • Fix compile errors under MSVC (Microsoft Visual C/C++).
  • Moved the base38 package from lang/base38 to lib/base38.
  • Added a stand-alone lib/interval package.
  • Added NIE file format spec.
  • Added RAC file format spec and Go implementation.

2017-11-16 version 0.1.0

Updated on January 2020.