Build Instructions

Answering “how do I build Wuffs” depends on what exactly you mean by “Wuffs”:

  1. The Wuffs library (e.g. image decoders) in C/C++ form.
  2. Its example programs (e.g. jsonptr).
  3. The Wuffs toolchain (e.g. Wuffs-to-C compiler/proof-checker).
  4. The Wuffs library in Wuffs form (converting it to C/C++ code).
  5. Everything.

Quick Start

The rest of this document assumes that you‘ve already checked out and moved into the Wuffs repository’s directory, like this:

git clone
cd wuffs

If you just want to kick the metaphorical tyres:

./ example/jsonptr
gen/bin/example-jsonptr test/data/rfc-6901-json-pointer.json

Building the Wuffs Library (in C/C++ Form)

There‘s no build step, in that there’s no “configure and make” step needed before moving on to building the example programs.

To elaborate, transpiling (converting Wuffs-the-library from *.wuffs form into a single *.c file) isn‘t done by whoever checks out the Wuffs repository. It’s done by whoever checks in code changes.

Wuffs-the-library is provided as single file C library. The example programs just #include that file directly.

For your own projects, just copy release/c/wuffs-$VERSION.c to your directory and add that file to your pre-existing build system, or compile an *.o object file directly like below. Remember to define the WUFFS_IMPLEMENTATION macro to compile all of the C code in that single file, not just the “header” part.

# Most developers won't have to do this. It just demonstrates how to produce
# wuffs-v0.3.o directly from a C/C++ compiler.
gcc -c -DWUFFS_IMPLEMENTATION -O3 release/c/wuffs-v0.3.c

Building the Example Programs

Just run your favorite C/C++ compiler (e.g. gcc or g++) on the example/foo/*.{c,cc} file. Pass -O3 or equivalent for an optimized build:

gcc -O3 example/mzcat/mzcat.c -o my-mzcat
./my-mzcat < test/data/romeo.txt.bz2

Some example programs require additional libraries:

g++ example/imageviewer/ -lxcb -lxcb-image -lxcb-render -lxcb-render-util

g++ example/sdl-imageviewer/ -lSDL2 -lSDL2_image

The script (an alternative to running your favorite C/C++ compiler directly) takes care of having to remember those additional libraries.

./ example/sdl-imageviewer
gen/bin/example-sdl-imageviewer test/data/hat.jpeg

Building the fuzzers are similar, using instead of

Building the Wuffs Toolchain

Most developers won't have to do this. See the sections above instead.

But after editing lang/check/*.go files, do this:

go install ./cmd/wuffs*

Building the Wuffs library (from its Wuffs Form)

Most developers won't have to do this. See the sections above instead.

But after editing std/jpeg/*.wuffs files, do this:

wuffs gen std/...

Building Everything (All of the Above, Plus Tests, Benchmarks, Etc)

Most developers won't have to do this. See the sections above instead.

But before sending a Pull Request, do this: