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  2. analysis/
  3. animated-red-blue.gif
  4. artificial/
  5. bricks-color.bmp
  6. bricks-color.jpeg
  7. bricks-color.lossless.webp
  8. bricks-color.lossy.webp
  9. bricks-color.png
  10. bricks-color.tiff
  11. bricks-dither.bmp
  12. bricks-dither.gif
  13. bricks-dither.indexes
  14. bricks-dither.indexes.giflzw
  15. bricks-dither.lossless.webp
  16. bricks-dither.palette
  17. bricks-dither.png
  18. bricks-gray.bmp
  19. bricks-gray.gif
  20. bricks-gray.indexes
  21. bricks-gray.indexes.giflzw
  22. bricks-gray.jpeg
  23. bricks-gray.lossless.webp
  24. bricks-gray.lossy.webp
  25. bricks-gray.png
  26. bricks-gray.tiff
  27. bricks-nodither.bmp
  28. bricks-nodither.gif
  29. bricks-nodither.indexes
  30. bricks-nodither.indexes.giflzw
  31. bricks-nodither.lossless.webp
  32. bricks-nodither.palette
  33. bricks-nodither.png
  34. crude-flag.nia
  35. crude-flag.nie
  36. crude-flag.nii
  37. gifplayer-muybridge.gif
  38. harvesters.bmp
  39. harvesters.gif
  40. harvesters.jpeg
  41. harvesters.lossless.webp
  42. harvesters.lossy.webp
  43. harvesters.png
  44. harvesters.tiff
  45. hat.bmp
  46. hat.gif
  47. hat.jpeg
  48. hat.lossless.webp
  49. hat.lossy.webp
  50. hat.png
  51. hat.tiff
  52. hibiscus.primitive.bmp
  53. hibiscus.primitive.gif
  54. hibiscus.primitive.jpeg
  55. hibiscus.primitive.lossless.webp
  56. hibiscus.primitive.lossy.webp
  57. hibiscus.primitive.png
  58. hibiscus.primitive.svg
  59. hibiscus.primitive.tiff
  60. hibiscus.regular.bmp
  61. hibiscus.regular.gif
  62. hibiscus.regular.jpeg
  63. hibiscus.regular.lossless.webp
  64. hibiscus.regular.lossy.webp
  65. hibiscus.regular.png
  66. hibiscus.regular.tiff
  67. hippopotamus.bmp
  68. hippopotamus.interlaced.gif
  69. hippopotamus.interlaced.png
  70. hippopotamus.interlaced.truncated.gif
  71. hippopotamus.jpeg
  72. hippopotamus.lossless.webp
  73. hippopotamus.lossy.webp
  74. hippopotamus.regular.gif
  75. hippopotamus.regular.png
  76. hippopotamus.tiff
  77. midsummer.txt
  78. midsummer.txt.gz
  79. midsummer.txt.zlib
  80. muybridge-frame-000.indexes
  81. muybridge-frame-001.indexes
  82. muybridge-frame-002.indexes
  83. muybridge-frame-003.indexes
  84. muybridge-frame-004.indexes
  85. muybridge-frame-005.indexes
  86. muybridge-frame-006.indexes
  87. muybridge-frame-007.indexes
  88. muybridge-frame-008.indexes
  89. muybridge-frame-009.indexes
  90. muybridge-frame-010.indexes
  91. muybridge-frame-011.indexes
  92. muybridge-frame-012.indexes
  93. muybridge-frame-013.indexes
  94. muybridge-frame-014.indexes
  95. muybridge.gif
  96. pi.txt
  97. pi.txt.giflzw
  98. pi.txt.gz
  99. pi.txt.zlib
  100. pjw-thumbnail.bmp
  101. pjw-thumbnail.gif
  102. pjw-thumbnail.jpeg
  103. pjw-thumbnail.lossless.webp
  104. pjw-thumbnail.lossy.webp
  105. pjw-thumbnail.png
  106. pjw-thumbnail.tiff
  107. romeo.txt
  108. romeo.txt.deflate
  109. romeo.txt.fixed-huff.deflate
  110. romeo.txt.gz
  111. romeo.txt.zlib
  112. sheep-more.rac

Unless otherwise noted, the *.gz files were generated by the gzip command line tool and the *.deflate and *.zlib versions were then generated by script/extract-deflate-offsets.go. Similarly, the *.giflzw files were generated by script/extract-giflzw.go and the *.palette and *.indexes files were generated by script/extract-palette-indexes.go

The *.jpeg files are usually the canonical versions of the test/data images, and other versions (*.bmp, *.gif, *.png, *.tiff) were generated by ImageMagick's convert command line tool. The *.webp versions were generated by the cwebp command line tool.

The artificial directory holds artificially generated test data, often to explicitly test corner cases of various file formats. The files there usually come in families whose names have a common prefix, such as three files “”, “”, “” all prefixed by “”. The file whose name is that prefix is usually the canonical (typically hand-crafted) file, and the other files are then derived from that. Outside of the artificial directory, the other files in this directory are typically real world examples of various file formats, or deriviations of them.

animated-red-blue.gif is an original animation by Nigel Tao

bricks-* are various encodings of an original photo by Nigel Tao

crude-flag.* is an original animation by Nigel Tao See the lib/nie documentation.

gifplayer-muybridge.gif is an original animation by Nigel Tao

harvesters.* are various encodings of a photo of “The Harvesters” by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, held by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. lists that image as in the public domain.

hat.* are various encodings of a photo of “Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat (obverse: The Potato Peeler)” by Vincent van Gogh, held by the Metropolitan Museum of art. lists that image as in the public domain.

hibiscus.regular.* are various encodings of a photo of “Hibiscus and Parrots” by Louis Comfort Tiffany, held by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. lists that image as in the public domain.

hibiscus.primitive.* is the result of running the hibiscus.regular.png image through and other programs:

  • primitive -i hibiscus.regular.png -o hibiscus.primitive.svg -s 442 -n 32
  • inkscape -z -e hibiscus.primitive.png hibiscus.primitive.svg
  • Various invocations of convert and cwebp

hippopotamus.* are various encodings of a cropping of a photo of “Hippopotamus (William)”, held by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. lists that image as in the public domain. says that “You are welcome to use images of artworks in The Met collection that the Museum believes to be in the public domain, or those to which the Museum waives any copyright it might have, for any purpose, including commercial and noncommercial use, free of charge and without requiring permission from the Museum.”

midsummer.txt is an excerpt of Shakespeare‘s "A Midsummer Night’s Dream", copied from

muybridge.gif is derived from which is in the public domain.

pi.txt contains the digits of pi.

pjw-thumbnail.* are various encodings of an image derived from an iconic, original photo of Peter J. Weinberger by Rob Pike

romeo.txt is an excerpt of Shakespeare's “Romeo and Juliet”, copied from

romeo.txt.fixed-huff.deflate was derived from romeo.txt by a custom program to use fixed (not dynamic) Huffman tables for the deflate encoding.