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/* Copyright 2017 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Distributed under MIT license.
See file LICENSE for detail or copy at
/* Parameters for the Brotli encoder with chosen quality levels. */
#include <brotli/encode.h>
#include "encoder_dict.h"
typedef struct BrotliHasherParams {
int type;
int bucket_bits;
int block_bits;
int num_last_distances_to_check;
} BrotliHasherParams;
typedef struct BrotliDistanceParams {
uint32_t distance_postfix_bits;
uint32_t num_direct_distance_codes;
uint32_t alphabet_size_max;
uint32_t alphabet_size_limit;
size_t max_distance;
} BrotliDistanceParams;
/* Encoding parameters */
typedef struct BrotliEncoderParams {
BrotliEncoderMode mode;
int quality;
int lgwin;
int lgblock;
size_t stream_offset;
size_t size_hint;
BROTLI_BOOL disable_literal_context_modeling;
BROTLI_BOOL large_window;
BrotliHasherParams hasher;
BrotliDistanceParams dist;
/* TODO(eustas): rename to BrotliShared... */
SharedEncoderDictionary dictionary;
} BrotliEncoderParams;
#endif /* BROTLI_ENC_PARAMS_H_ */