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  1. tests/
  5. Makefile

This directory contains the code for the Python brotli module, tool, and roundtrip tests.

Only Python 2.7+ is supported.

We provide a Makefile to simplify common development commands.


If you just want to install the latest release of the Python brotli module, we recommend installing from PyPI:

$ pip install brotli

Alternatively, you may install directly from source by running the following command from this directory:

$ make install


You may run the following commands from this directory:

$ make          # Build the module in-place

$ make test     # Test the module

$ make clean    # Remove all temporary files and build output

If you wish to make the module available while still being able to edit the source files, you can use the setuptoolsdevelopment mode”:

$ make develop  # Install the module in "development mode"

Code Style

Brotli's code follows the Google Python Style Guide. To automatically format your code, first install YAPF:

$ pip install yapf

Then, to format all files in the project, you can run:

$ make fix      # Automatically format code

See the YAPF usage documentation for more information.