V 5.2.1

  • FIX: text animators based on words and percentages
  • EXPRESSIONS: Latest Duik version support

V 5.2.0

  • FEATURE: gradient support in canvas renderer (some cases are not supported)
  • EXPRESSIONS: layer name support for expressions
  • FIX: reverse play on non loops
  • SUPPORT: Orient along path with separate dimensions
  • FIX: trim cache issue fixed

V 5.1.20

  • FIX: instaceof Array on expressions fixed
  • FIX: text value on expressions fix
  • FEATURE: new expressions supported

V 5.1.19

  • FIX: Trim Paths with empty paths fix
  • FIX: linear method fix for inverted values
  • FEATURE: Ignoring merge path's last path if square
  • FIX: Camera zoom
  • FIX: Validating if text data is complete on first render
  • FIX: Loop counting when playing backwards
  • FEATURE: Added inPoint and outPoint to layer's expressions

V 5.1.18

  • FIX: Moved defs to top to avoid Safari issues
  • FEATURE: Added crossOrigin attribute to images to avoid tainted canvases
  • FEATURE: Added imagePreserveAspectRatio to rendererSettings for image layers
  • FIX: splitting animations in multiple files

V 5.1.17

  • FIX: asset error handling
  • FEATURE: Rove across time support
  • FIX: bevel line support

V 5.1.16

  • FIX: exporting images for older version of AE.
  • FEATURE: if needed can skip images export once exported a first time.

V 5.1.15

  • FEATURE: Added freeze/unfreeze methods to stop prevent any animation from playing
  • FEATURE: Added getRegisterdAnimations method to get all current animations handled by lottie
  • FEATURE: Exporting PNGs with render queue in order to fix black pixels around images
  • FEATURE: Support for compressed jpgs when image is not transparent
  • FEATURE: Support for exporting base 64 encoded images inlined in the json file
  • FIX: Some small expression fixes

V 5.1.14

  • FIX: Dash property animated
  • FIX: Canvas renderer skips hidden layers
  • FIX: When clearCanvas is set to true on the canvas renderer, every frame is rendered
  • FIX: calculation error on masks

V 5.1.13

  • EXPRESSIONS: fix for global variables used in functions
  • EXPRESSIONS: operations supported for arrays

V 5.1.12

  • EXPRESSIONS: improved memory management for declared functions
  • EXPRESSIONS: speedAtTime support
  • FIX: trimmed paths fix
  • FIX: destroy method fix
  • SSR: checking for navigator to create library

V 5.1.11

  • PERFORMANCE: significant improvement on the svg and canvas renderers
  • FIX: floating points fix

V 5.1.10

  • TEXT LAYERS: font measuring and some text fixes
  • FIX: 2d and 3d layers stack fix
  • FEATURE: added support for assetsPath when using animationData (@kwilliams-curago)
  • FEATURE: added getDuration method. In frames and in seconds.
  • FIX: fixed breaking change from AE 15.1 with text layers

V 5.1.9

  • EXPRESSIONS: adding name property to shape property group
  • FIX: adding timeout before checking loaded fonts
  • IMPROVEMENT: html elements now hide their base container when off render time bounds
  • FIX: undeclared variable in reverse method
  • FIX: text font issues

V 5.1.8

  • FIX: centered tracking
  • FIX: augmenting linearity threshold
  • FIX: using quaternions to calculate 3d orientation
  • FIX: undeclared variables
  • FIX: CW CCW ellipse fix
  • EXPRESSIONS: added xRotation and yRotation support
  • FEATURE: added skew to transform calculations
  • FIX: Time remap on html renderer
  • FEATURE: calculating shape bounds for html shape elements without depending on getBBox
  • FEATURE: Supporting custom tags on html renderer
  • FIX: dash array fix

V 5.1.7

  • FIX: looping and non looping animations end frame fix

V 5.1.6

  • FIX: HTMLRenderer image fix
  • FIX: HTMLRenderer masked comp fix
  • FIX: Text fWeight precedence over fStyle (thanks @nick-vincent)

V 5.1.5

  • FIX: text selector fix
  • FIX: text expression fix
  • FEATURE: more expressions supported

V 5.1.4

  • FIX: hidden parented layer with mask
  • FIX: gradient property animated
  • FIX: hindi combined characters support with text as font

V 5.1.3

  • FIX: Color interpolation fix
  • FIX: id and classes fix for images and solids
  • FIX: canvas nested groups transform fix
  • FIX: lottie_light.js fix

V 5.1.2

  • FIX: Expressions switch statements adding variable declaration when missing

V 5.1.1

  • Text Layer keyframed fix

V 5.1.0

  • FEATURE: support for all text document property updates usign TextLayer.updateDocumentData (check Wiki for more information)
  • FEATURE: text layers with text boxes have two new methods: TextLayer.canResizeFont and TextLayer.setMinimumFontSize (check Wiki for more information)
  • PERFORMANCE: Significant performance improvement on all renderers
  • PERFORMANCE: repeaters significant performance improvement
  • PERFORMANCE: gradients with opacity significant performance improvement
  • REFACTOR: reduced and organized main element classes
  • TEXT: text align fix for font based text layers

V 5.0.6

  • FIX: totalFrames and resetFrames
  • FIX: canvas destroy method
  • FIX: expressions rect size support
  • FIX: multiple requestAnimationFrame fix
  • FIX: variable not being declared
  • FEATURE: support for custom viewBox

V 5.0.5

  • FIX: totalFrames now ends at previous frame to respect AE's last frame
  • FIX: duplicate requestAnimationFrame call
  • CHANGE: removed M0,0 added to every path. Should fix chrome issues.
  • REFACTOR: small changes on AnimationItem

V 5.0.4

  • FIX: if initial value for multidimensional properties was 0 and not in start point, it wasn't getting rendered
  • EXPRESSIONS: support for “anchor_point”
  • PERFORMANCE: separated opacity from transform properties
  • FIX: effects properties offset
  • FIX: 3d orientation for negative values

V 5.0.3

  • FIX: IE Arrays support
  • FIX: destroy method wasn't releasing all memory if a single animation was loaded.
  • FIX: IE masks fix when used as Alpha Masks with gradients.

V 5.0.2

  • IE 10 fix
  • loopIn and loopOut fix

V 5.0.1

  • expression fixes
  • text box fix
  • performance improvements

V 5.0.0

  • bodymovin renamed to lottie!
  • gradients performance improved
  • cleaned up code

V 4.13.0

  • text expression support
  • text update support with updateDocumentData (check wiki)
  • tangentOnPath, normalOnPath and more expressions
  • loaded_images event
  • fixed global calls
  • fixed ie9 error

V 4.12.3

  • valueAtTime fix

V 4.12.2

  • caching fix

V 4.12.1

  • velocityAtTime fix

V 4.12.0

  • pointOnLine support
  • createPath support
  • points, inTangents, outTangents support
  • expressions fixes
  • className for container via loading config
  • 3d orientation fix