Note: For the time being, we won't provide numbered releases for every new Jetpack Compose

version. Check out our snapshot builds instead.


Breaking Changes

LottieAnimationState has been completely removed. Instead, LottieAnimation now takes a progress float. The driving of animations has been split into a new animateLottieComposition function. Properties that pertain to the animation such as speed, repeat count, and the new clip spec are part of animateLottieComposition whereas properties that are related to rendering such as enabling merge paths and setting an image asset delegate are on the LottieAnimation composable.

There are overloaded version of LottieAnimation that merge the properties for convenience. Please refer to the docs for LottieAnimation, animateLottieComposition and lottieComposition for more information. Those three functions are the entrypoints for most things you need to do with Lottie.


  • Compatible with Jetpack Compose Beta 07


  • Update versioning scheme to match the underlying Compose version
  • Compatible with Jetpack Compose Beta 03
  • Added support for images (#1766)
  • Added the ability to control whether merge paths are enabled or not (#1744)
  • Swapped modifier application order to follow Compose guidelines (and support setting specific sizes) (#1765)


  • Add flag for merge paths to LottieAnimationState
  • Compatible with Jetpack Compose Beta 02


  • Compatible with Jetpack Compose Alpha 12


  • Jetpack Compose Alpha 9


  • Jetpack Compose Alpha 8


  • Initial release of Lottie Compose
  • Compatible with Jetpack Compose alpha 6
  • Built with Lottie 3.5.0
  • Wraps the existing renderer with Jetpack Compose friendly APIs.
  • For up to date docs on how to use it, check out the docs.