Note: For the time being, we won't provide numbered releases for every new Jetpack Compose

version. Check out our snapshot builds instead.


  • Update versioning scheme to match the underlying Compose version
  • Compatible with Jetpack Compose Beta 03
  • Added support for images (#1766)
  • Added the ability to control whether merge paths are enabled or not (#1744)
  • Swapped modifier application order to follow Compose guidelines (and support setting specific sizes) (#1765)


  • Add flag for merge paths to LottieAnimationState
  • Compatible with Jetpack Compose Beta 02


  • Compatible with Jetpack Compose Alpha 12


  • Jetpack Compose Alpha 9


  • Jetpack Compose Alpha 8


  • Initial release of Lottie Compose
  • Compatible with Jetpack Compose alpha 6
  • Built with Lottie 3.5.0
  • Wraps the existing renderer with Jetpack Compose friendly APIs.
  • For up to date docs on how to use it, check out the docs.