Features and improvements

  • Added support to load an animation by scanning a qr code with a url to the json. All lottiefiles.com animations now have qr codes.
  • Added support for opacity stops in gradients.
  • Exposed setScale to arbitrarily scale up or down an animation. Added a slider in Lottie Sample to try it.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed several subtle trim path and dash pattern bugs.
  • Fixed a bug with path animations on Jelly Bean.
  • Fixed a bug that would incorrectly draw rounded rectangles.


Features and improvements

  • Ground up rewrite of the rendering engine.
  • Vastly improved the performance of masks and mattes.
  • Support for fill types (non-zero or even-odd).
  • Support for gradient fills.
  • Some merge path support. Enable it with enableMergePathsForKitKatAndAbove and read the documentation before using it.
  • Support for multiple fills and strokes on shapes.
  • Expose several package private methods on LottieAnimationView and LottieDrawable
  • Better support for hardware acceleration.
  • Added a ton of samples from lottiefiles.com to the sample app.

Bugs Fixed

  • Invalidate whatever drawable is set as the image drawable even if it's not LottieDrawable.


Features and improvements

  • Added an image asset delegate so you can provide your own bitmaps from and sd card, for example.
  • Added an attr for setting progress.
  • Improved the performance of very large compositions by scaling them down to the screen size.
  • Separate APIs for play/cancel with or without setting progress.

Bugs Fixed

  • Several issues that could cause graphical corruption in masks or mattes.
  • LottieAnimationView checks whether it's current drawable is LottieDrawable for some calls.


Features and improvements

  • Significantly improved memory usage when using masks or mattes. No more bitmaps!

Bugs Fixed

  • Further improved the compatibility of masks and mattes.


Features and improvements
  • Use a thread pool executor for deserialization.
  • Allow setting a default cache strategy
  • Drop repeated calls to setComposition with the same composition.
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed an image scaling issue.
  • Fixed a crash when leaving a screen with an image animation.
  • Fixed a crash when the json has no assets.


  • Precomps.
  • 60% performance and memory improvement for masks and mattes.
  • Images support. See documentation for more information.
  • Polystars.
  • Polygons.
  • Alpha inverted masks.
  • Subtract masks.
  • Trim paths on rectangles.
  • Variable speed (positive or negative).
  • Improved color interpolation (rgb -> gamma color space).


  • Make LottieDrawable public again.
  • Apply trim paths to shape fills.
  • Expose reverseAnimation in addition to playAnimation.


  • Added support for split dimension positions.
  • Fixed a crash with decimal opacity values.
  • Allow trim paths to rotate indefinitely.
  • Lowered the minSdk to 14 (ICS).
  • Prevent multiple caches from created on different threads.
  • Allow animations to show final state when system animations are disabled.

1.0.1 (2/2/2017)

  • Fixes an issue in which a parent layer will overwrite child alpha.
  • Fixes drawable invalidation when LottieDrawable is used outside of LottieAnimationView

1.0 (01/30/2017)

  • Initial release