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// Copyright (c) 2020 Google LLC
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#include "source/fuzz/transformation_add_relaxed_decoration.h"
#include "source/fuzz/fuzzer_util.h"
namespace spvtools {
namespace fuzz {
protobufs::TransformationAddRelaxedDecoration message)
: message_(std::move(message)) {}
uint32_t result_id) {
bool TransformationAddRelaxedDecoration::IsApplicable(
opt::IRContext* ir_context,
const TransformationContext& transformation_context) const {
// |message_.result_id| must be the id of an instruction.
auto instr = ir_context->get_def_use_mgr()->GetDef(message_.result_id());
if (!instr) {
return false;
opt::BasicBlock* cur_block = ir_context->get_instr_block(instr);
// The instruction must have a block.
if (cur_block == nullptr) {
return false;
// |cur_block| must be a dead block.
if (!(transformation_context.GetFactManager()->BlockIsDead(
cur_block->id()))) {
return false;
// The instruction must be numeric.
return IsNumeric(instr->opcode());
void TransformationAddRelaxedDecoration::Apply(
opt::IRContext* ir_context, TransformationContext* /*unused*/) const {
// Add a RelaxedPrecision decoration targeting |message_.result_id|.
message_.result_id(), SpvDecorationRelaxedPrecision);
protobufs::Transformation TransformationAddRelaxedDecoration::ToMessage()
const {
protobufs::Transformation result;
*result.mutable_add_relaxed_decoration() = message_;
return result;
bool TransformationAddRelaxedDecoration::IsNumeric(uint32_t opcode) {
switch (opcode) {
case SpvOpConvertFToU:
case SpvOpConvertFToS:
case SpvOpConvertSToF:
case SpvOpConvertUToF:
case SpvOpUConvert:
case SpvOpSConvert:
case SpvOpFConvert:
case SpvOpConvertPtrToU:
case SpvOpSatConvertSToU:
case SpvOpSatConvertUToS:
case SpvOpVectorExtractDynamic:
case SpvOpVectorInsertDynamic:
case SpvOpVectorShuffle:
case SpvOpTranspose:
case SpvOpSNegate:
case SpvOpFNegate:
case SpvOpIAdd:
case SpvOpFAdd:
case SpvOpISub:
case SpvOpFSub:
case SpvOpIMul:
case SpvOpFMul:
case SpvOpUDiv:
case SpvOpSDiv:
case SpvOpFDiv:
case SpvOpUMod:
case SpvOpSRem:
case SpvOpSMod:
case SpvOpFRem:
case SpvOpFMod:
case SpvOpVectorTimesScalar:
case SpvOpMatrixTimesScalar:
case SpvOpVectorTimesMatrix:
case SpvOpMatrixTimesVector:
case SpvOpMatrixTimesMatrix:
case SpvOpOuterProduct:
case SpvOpDot:
case SpvOpIAddCarry:
case SpvOpISubBorrow:
case SpvOpUMulExtended:
case SpvOpSMulExtended:
case SpvOpShiftRightLogical:
case SpvOpShiftRightArithmetic:
case SpvOpShiftLeftLogical:
case SpvOpBitwiseOr:
case SpvOpBitwiseXor:
case SpvOpBitwiseAnd:
case SpvOpNot:
case SpvOpBitFieldInsert:
case SpvOpBitFieldSExtract:
case SpvOpBitFieldUExtract:
case SpvOpBitReverse:
case SpvOpBitCount:
case SpvOpAtomicLoad:
case SpvOpAtomicStore:
case SpvOpAtomicExchange:
case SpvOpAtomicCompareExchange:
case SpvOpAtomicCompareExchangeWeak:
case SpvOpAtomicIIncrement:
case SpvOpAtomicIDecrement:
case SpvOpAtomicIAdd:
case SpvOpAtomicISub:
case SpvOpAtomicSMin:
case SpvOpAtomicUMin:
case SpvOpAtomicSMax:
case SpvOpAtomicUMax:
case SpvOpAtomicAnd:
case SpvOpAtomicOr:
case SpvOpAtomicXor:
return true;
return false;
std::unordered_set<uint32_t> TransformationAddRelaxedDecoration::GetFreshIds()
const {
return std::unordered_set<uint32_t>();
} // namespace fuzz
} // namespace spvtools