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Name Strings
$Date: 1997/04/17 04:46:55 $ $Revision: 1.1 $
This extension provides the capability to synchronize drawing from two
separate GLX Contexts. A wait group is created, and GLX Contexts are
added as members to the wait group. It will then be possible to
specify that no member will be able to continue to render until all the
outstanding OpenGL commands from each of the members have been completed.
This extension sets conditions that must be met before a set of OpenGL
contexts can continue drawing. This extension is primarily useful for
coordinating operations in an environment where more than one OpenGL
context may render simultaneously.
* Do we need a query to ask whether a context is in a group?
* Do we need to support having contexts in multiple wait groups?
New Procedures and Functions
void JoinWaitGroupSGIX(Display *dpy,
GLXContext context,
GLXContext member);
void WaitGroupSGIX(Display *dpy,
GLXContext context);
New Tokens
Additions to the GLX Specification
Add to the end of section 3.2.5, Synchronization Primitives:
JoinWaitGroupSGIX adds <context> to the wait group containing <member> as
a member. If <context> is already a member of a different group, it is
implicitly removed from that group first. If <member> is None, <context>
is removed from the wait group that it belongs to, if any.
A wait group is referenced by naming any context in the group; there is no
other way to refer to a group.
When a context is destroyed, it is removed from any wait group of
which it is a member.
WaitGroupSGIX causes <context> to wait until all the other member
contexts of the wait group have also called WaitGroupSGIX.
The following must be satisfied before a WaitGroupSGIX command
can complete:
1. All contexts in the wait group must have issued a
WaitGroupSGIX command
OpenGL rendering commands issued by all of the member contexts
in the wait group will complete before any of the member contexts
can further affect the framebuffer.
A wait group exists until the last remaining context leaves the group.
JoinWaitGroupSGIX and WaitGroupSGIX are part of the X stream.
JoinWaitGroupSGIX generates GLXBadContext if <context> is an invalid
GLX context, or if <member> is an invalid GLX context.
WaitGroupSGIX generates GLXBadContext if <context> is an invalid
GLX context.
New State
Get Value Get Command Type Value Attrib
--------- ----------- ---- ------- ------
<whether context is in a wait group> ?? B False
New Implementation Dependent State