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Name Strings
Dirk Reiners
Yaki Tebeka
Dirk Reiners, Iowa State University (dreiners 'at'
Yaki Tebeka, Graphic Remedy (yaki 'at'
Implemented by gDEBugger (Version 1.2.1 or later)
Last Modified Date: October 16, 2007
Author Revision: 1.4
OpenGL 1.0 is required.
The extension is written against the OpenGL 1.5 Specification.
This extension defines a mechanism to insert textual markers into
the OpenGL stream.
When debugging or profiling an OpenGL application some of the most
important tools are stream loggers, which just output a list of the
called OpenGL commands, and profilers, which show at which points
the pipeline is bottlenecked for a given part of the frame. The
problem in using these is that there is a definite loss of
information between the application and the used debugger/profiler.
The application generally has a pretty good idea what is rendered
when (e.g. rendering background, landscape, building, players,
particle effects, bullets etc.), but the debugger/profiler only
sees the OpenGL stream. To analyze the stream developers have to
guess what is done when by following the program code and the log
output in parallel, which can get difficult for systems that
restructure their internal pipeline or do lazy changes.
This extension is really only useful for these debuggers and
profilers, and not for actual drivers. In fact, it is not expected
that any standard driver would ever implement this extension. The
main point of having this extension is to allow applications to have a
clean way of accessing this functionality only when they are run
under the control of a debugger/profiler, without having to
recompile or change the application source code.
IP Status
No known IP claims
(1) Should the extension use \0-terminated strings to simplify use?
This extension follows the latest precedent for strings, which is the ShaderSource().
It uses strings that are given as a list of ubytes with explicit length. However, If
lengths is 0, then the string is assumed to be null-terminated.
(2) Should it be legal to call this inside Begin/End?
The benefit is questionable, and it would probably add
overhead to a very critical path.
(3) Should this be supported by GLX?
Not strictly necessary, as most debugging is done locally. It would
be cleaner, but I don't see a case for the effort.
New Procedures and Functions
void StringMarkerGREMEDY(sizei len, const void *string);
New Types
New Tokens
Additions to Chapter 2 of the OpenGL 1.5 Specification
(OpenGL Operation)
Additions to Chapter 3 of the OpenGL 1.5 Specification (Rasterization)
Additions to Chapter 4 of the OpenGL 1.5 Specification (Per-Fragment
Operations and the Frame Buffer)
Additions to Chapter 5 of the OpenGL 1.5 Specification
(Special Functions)
Add section 5.7 on page 212
5.7 Markers
The command
void StringMarkerGREMEDY(sizei len, const void *string);
can be used to insert arbitrary marker strings into the command
stream that can be recorded by appropriate debugging tools / profiling tools /
drivers. They have no influence on the rendered image or the OpenGL state.
<string> is a pointer to the array of bytes representing the marker being
inserted, which need not be null-terminated. The length of the array is given
by <len>. If <string> is null-terminated, <len> should not include the terminator.
If lengths is 0, then the string is assumed to be null-terminated.
Additions to Chapter 6 of the OpenGL 1.5 Specification (State and State
Additions to Appendix A of the OpenGL 1.5 Specification (Invariance)
Additions to the AGL/EGL/GLX/WGL Specifications
GLX Protocol
Dependencies on EXT_extension_name
The error INVALID_OPERATION is generated if any of the commands
defined in this extension is executed between the execution of Begin
and the corresponding execution of End.
New State
New Implementation Dependent State
Sample Code
Revision History
1.4, 10/16/07 yt: - Minor text changes.
1.3, 06/08/05 yt: - Enable the use of \0-terminated strings by specifying
a 0 string length.
1.2, 02/01/05 dr: - Change the extension Status
- Change the name of the extension
1.1, 01/20/05 dr: (Thanks to Yaki Tebeka for suggestions!)
- Switched to programString style
- renamed to marker_string
1.0, 01/17/05 dr: - Initial revision