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<para><!-- core spec. p. 259, section 6.12.5 -->
Built-in geometric functions operate component-wise. The description
is per-component. <type>float<replaceable>n</replaceable></type> is
<type>float</type>, <type>float2</type>, <type>float3</type>, or <type>float4</type> and
<type>double<replaceable>n</replaceable></type> is <type>double</type>, <type>double2</type>,
<type>double3</type>, or <type>double4</type>. The built-in geometric functions are
implemented using the round to nearest even rounding mode.
<para><!-- core spec. p. 259, section 6.12.5, footnote 53 associated with the section header -->
The geometric functions can be implemented using contractions such
as <citerefentry><refentrytitle>mad</refentrytitle></citerefentry> or
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