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OpenCL extension specification template.
Revision $Revision: 10641 $ last modified on $Date: 2010-03-10 00:30:25 -0800 (Wed, 10 Mar 2010) $.
An extension specification is a (usually) plain text file containing a
series of sections describing different aspects of the extension. Fields
to be filled in for an actual extension specification are described in
the text in <angle brackets> following each section header.
For an example of a published extension following this template, see
---------------------------- TEMPLATE STARTS HERE ----------------------------
XXX - Not complete yet!!!
<Leave the XXX warning in until the extension is complete, and
preferably implemented and approved by the appropriate group.>
Name Strings
<The name returned in the platform or device extension string
corresponding to this extension. Names should be of the form
cl_<prefix>_<name> where <prefix> is "khr" for a Khronos-approved
extension, a vendor tag for a single-vendor extension, and "ext" for
a multivendor (but not Khronos-approved) extension. Use the same
prefix as for other Khronos API extensions, such as OpenGL.
Precedent suggests that the vendor/multivendor tags should be
lowercase for OpenCL even though they're uppercase for all other
<List contributors to the extension specification and their
affiliations, one person/line.>
<List the principal extension author and their email address,
preferably obfuscated by e.g. changing the "@" into "'at'" or
IP Status
<List any known IP claims bearing on the functionality of the
extension, e.g. published IP disclosures to Khronos, patent numbers,
pointers to IP statements by companies, etc. If no claims or
disclosures are known to exist state that instead.>
<Document revision number and modification date,
e.g. "Version 7, April 27, 2009" or similar>
<"TBD" until the extension is completed and posted to the
Khronos Registry>
<E.g. "Complete. Version ## approved by the OpenCL Working Group." or
"Incomplete - DO NOT SHIP" or similar. When an extension is ratified
by the Khronos Promoters, note that as well, along with the date.>
Extension Type
<Either "OpenCL platform extension" or "OpenCL device extension">
<List all dependencies on minimum core versions of OpenCL (e.g.
"OpenCL 1.0 is required"), other required extensions, and other
required features (e.g. "OpenGL 3.1 is required"). Also list any
existing registered extensions which this extension is modified by,
should they be present, in a form like "This extension is affected
by CL_<prefix>_<name>". Also describe which release of the OpenCL
specification document this extension is written against.>
<Brief summary of what the extension is for, what functionality
it provides, and why someone might want to use it>
Header File
<List the OpenCL header file which will define the extension API
interfaces, if there is an API component.>
New Procedures and Functions
<List each new entry point in the form used in the OpenCL
Specification. New entry points must end with the same <prefix> as
in the extension name, but the <prefix> should be uppercase instead
of lowercase, e.g. "clNewFunctionKHR".>
New Tokens
<List each new token together with its assigned hexadecimal value.
Until values are assigned by the Khronos Registrar from the
enumerant registry (see
in Khronos Subversion), use the value "0x????".
New token names must end with '_' followed by the same <prefix> as
new entry points. Precede tokens by a summary of which functions
they are used in and how. Examples:
Returned by clCreateContext when an invalid OpenCL context
is specified in properties:
Accepted as the <param_name> argument of clGetGLContextInfoKHR:
Additions to Chapter NNN / Appendix AAA of the OpenCL <version> Specification
<For each section of the Specification modified by this extension,
write a corresponding section describing those changes. Typically
this is done by describing the section and paragraph of the change,
followed by new language in quotes (again, see gl_sharing.txt).>
Interactions with other extensions
<When this extension modifies an existing extension's functionality,
for each such interaction, include a high-level section
"Interactions with CL_<prefix>_<name>" followed by a summary of the
<Keep track of issues encountered during the development of the
extension. Each issue should be numbered separately and include its
status (RESOLVED, UNRESOLVED, DISCUSSION, etc.) followed by as much
detail as appropriate. Don't delete issues unless they become
entirely irrelevant due to wholesale rewriting of the extension.
It's probably best not to renumber issues either.>
Sample Code
<Include any sample code, or a pointer to it, for using this
extension here.>
Conformance Tests
<Summarize conformances tests or conformance test proposals for this
extension here.>
Revision History
<List the revision history of the extension here. Each revision
should include its number, date of revision, author of the revision,
and a high-level summary of changes. Proposed Khronos extensions
should be maintained in Khronos Subversion prior to approval, in the
"drafts" area of the OpenCL Extension Registry: