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#MoltenVK Demo Projects

Copyright (c) 2015-2022 The Brenwill Workshop Ltd.

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The basic canonical Cube sample app from the Vulkan-Tools repository is included in this MoltenVK package.

This demo renders a basic textured cube that spins in place.

The demo can be found in the Cube folder, and in the Cube group in the Xcode Project Navigator in the Demos.xcworkspace Xcode workspace.

To run this demo, run the Cube-iOS, Cube-tvOS, or Cube-macOS Scheme from within Xcode. In addition to devices, this demo will also run on the iOS Simulator or tvOS Simulator destinations.

The Cube demo is a simple example of installing MoltenVK as an XCFramework that is statically linked to the application. It supports all platforms, including Mac Catalyst, iOS Simulator and tvOS Simulator, and all architectures including Apple Silicon.

Khronos Vulkan Samples

Khronos Group provides a repository containing a full suite of standard Vulkan samples that run on MoltenVK on macOS.