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egl/ -> EGL Docbook 4.3 + OpenCL stuff
es/ -> ES Docbook 5 + OpenCL stuff
Only in es/ :
OK> accord.js - Javascript for accordion menus
OK> - unused
OK> - make accordion index frame
OK> opengl-man.css - CSS equivalent to content wrapped in old/styles-css.xsl
OK> start.html - start page
OK> ../index.html - main SDK index
OK> ../top.php - top bar of interface
OK> ../bottom.php - bottom section of interface
OK> style-index.css - CSS for index page
Only in egl/ :
OK> EGL_300.png - icon
OK> KhronosLogo.jpg - icon
OK> index.html - main SDK index (equivalent to es/../index.php)
OK> Header.html - top bar of interface
OK> headBackground.jpg - background for Header.html
NO> TOC.html - accordion index frame, equivalent to output of
OK> Intro.html - equivalent to start.html
OK> - inserted by egl-man.xsl into each page
NO> ctop.xsl - no longer used?
NO> styles-css.xsl - equivalent to es/opengl-man.css
NO> - replaced by es/
Similar files:
OK> egl/egl-man.xsl - branched from opengl-man.xsl, should be compared to es/opengl-man.xsl
OK> egl/style.css - equivalent to es/style-index.css, includes a couple of other .css files
OK> egl/undohtml.css - identical, appears to reset CSS parameters
OK> egl/present.css - minor tweak to CSS class name, lev1 -> Level1
OK> egl/bullets*gif - accordion menu navigation bullets
Added from ES:
man/index.php - navigation framework, edited for correct title and top bar height
man/top.php - from ES but mostly replaced by egl/Header.html
man/headBackground.jpg - from ES
bullets-{contract,end,expand}.gif - accordion menus - with edits for EGL instead of ES
present.css - matching output of
Makefile - with edits from egl/Makefile
khronos-man.css - copied from es/opengl-man.css
start.html - with massive edits from egl/Intro.html
style-index.css - equivalent to egl/style.css
khronos-man.xsl - merged from egl/egl-man.xsl and es/opengl-man.xsl.
egl-man.xsl - stuff from old egl/egl-man.xsl not being used
(yet) in khronos-man.xsl.
Added from EGL: