2.1.0-beta.1 (2018-08-27)

Major release after many months of development in “development” branch and features branches. Many new features added, some bugs fixed. API stays backward-compatible.

Major changes:

  • Added linear allocation algorithm, accessible for custom pools, that can be used as free-at-once, stack, double stack, or ring buffer. See “Linear allocation algorithm” documentation chapter.
  • Added feature to record sequence of calls to the library to a file and replay it using dedicated application. See documentation chapter “Record and replay”.
    • Recording: added VmaAllocatorCreateInfo::pRecordSettings.
    • Replaying: added VmaReplay project.
    • Recording file format: added document “docs/Recording file format.md”.
  • Improved support for non-coherent memory.
    • Added functions: vmaFlushAllocation, vmaInvalidateAllocation.
    • nonCoherentAtomSize is now respected automatically.
    • Added VmaVulkanFunctions::vkFlushMappedMemoryRanges, vkInvalidateMappedMemoryRanges.
  • Improved debug features related to detecting incorrect mapped memory usage. See documentation chapter “Debugging incorrect memory usage”.
    • Added debug macro VMA_DEBUG_DETECT_CORRUPTION, functions vmaCheckCorruption, vmaCheckPoolCorruption.
    • Added debug macro VMA_DEBUG_INITIALIZE_ALLOCATIONS to initialize contents of allocations with a bit pattern.
    • Changed behavior of VMA_DEBUG_MARGIN macro - it now adds margin also before first and after last allocation in a block.
  • Changed format of JSON dump returned by vmaBuildStatsString (not backward compatible!).
    • Custom pools and memory blocks now have IDs that don't change after sorting.
    • Added properties: “CreationFrameIndex”, “LastUseFrameIndex”, “Usage”.
    • Changed VmaDumpVis tool to use these new properties for better coloring.
    • Changed behavior of vmaGetAllocationInfo and vmaTouchAllocation to update allocation.lastUseFrameIndex even if allocation cannot become lost.

Minor changes:

  • Changes in custom pools:
    • Added new structure member VmaPoolStats::blockCount.
    • Changed behavior of VmaPoolCreateInfo::blockSize = 0 (default) - it now means that pool may use variable block sizes, just like default pools do.
  • Improved logic of vmaFindMemoryTypeIndex for some cases, especially integrated GPUs.
  • VulkanSample application: Removed dependency on external library MathFu. Added own vector and matrix structures.
  • Changes that improve compatibility with various platforms, including: Visual Studio 2012, 32-bit code, C compilers.
    • Changed usage of “VK_KHR_dedicated_allocation” extension in the code to be optional, driven by macro VMA_DEDICATED_ALLOCATION, for compatibility with Android.
  • Many additions and fixes in documentation, including description of new features, as well as “Validation layer warnings”.
  • Other bugfixes.

2.0.0 (2018-03-19)

A major release with many compatibility-breaking changes.

Notable new features:

  • Introduction of VmaAllocation handle that you must retrieve from allocation functions and pass to deallocation functions next to normal VkBuffer and VkImage.
  • Introduction of VmaAllocationInfo structure that you can retrieve from VmaAllocation handle to access parameters of the allocation (like VkDeviceMemory and offset) instead of retrieving them directly from allocation functions.
  • Support for reference-counted mapping and persistently mapped allocations - see vmaMapMemory, VMA_ALLOCATION_CREATE_MAPPED_BIT.
  • Support for custom memory pools - see VmaPool handle, VmaPoolCreateInfo structure, vmaCreatePool function.
  • Support for defragmentation (compaction) of allocations - see function vmaDefragment and related structures.
  • Support for “lost allocations” - see appropriate chapter on documentation Main Page.

1.0.1 (2017-07-04)

  • Fixes for Linux GCC compilation.
  • Changed “CONFIGURATION SECTION” to contain #ifndef so you can define these macros before including this header, not necessarily change them in the file.

1.0.0 (2017-06-16)

First public release.