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# Find the fplutil directory and set it in `fplutil_dir`.
# We search some standard locations, such as
# (1) the cached variable ${dependencies_fplutil_dir}, which can be specified
# on the command line,
# cmake -Ddependencies_fplutil_dir=your_fplutil_directory
# (2) under ${fpl_root}, which is another cached variable that can be
# specified on the command line,
# cmake -Dfpl_root=your_fpl_root_directory
# (3) the "dependencies" directory that gets created when cloning from GitHub,
# (4) several levels up in the directory tree.
# Notes
# -----
# - fplutil is the project where we keep all our shared code, so the code in
# this file (which locates fplutil) can unfortunately not be shared.
# - Since this file is duplicated in all FPL projects (except fplutil itself),
# please copy new versions to all FPL projects whenever you make a change.
foreach(dir ${fplutil_dir_possibilities})
if(EXISTS ${dir})
set(fplutil_dir ${dir})
# Define this cached variable so that cmake GUIs can expose it to the user.
set(dependencies_fplutil_dir ""
CACHE PATH "Directory containing the fplutil library.")
"Can't find fplutil directory. Try cmake -Ddependencies_fplutil_dir=your_location.")