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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (c) 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""This module contains functions for using git."""
import os
import re
import shell_utils
import shutil
import subprocess
import tempfile
def _FindGit():
"""Find the git executable.
A string suitable for passing to subprocess functions, or None.
def test_git_executable(git):
"""Test the git executable.
git: git executable path.
True if test is successful.
try:[git, '--version'], echo=False)
return True
except (OSError,):
return False
for git in ('git', 'git.exe', 'git.bat'):
if test_git_executable(git):
return git
return None
GIT = _FindGit()
def Add(addition):
"""Run 'git add <addition>'"""[GIT, 'add', addition])
def AIsAncestorOfB(a, b):
"""Return true if a is an ancestor of b."""
return[GIT, 'merge-base', a, b]).rstrip() == FullHash(a)
def FullHash(commit):
"""Return full hash of specified commit."""
return[GIT, 'rev-parse', '--verify', commit]).rstrip()
def IsMerge(commit):
"""Return True if the commit is a merge, False otherwise."""
rev_parse =[GIT, 'rev-parse', commit, '--max-count=1',
last_non_merge = rev_parse.split('\n')[0]
# Get full hash since that is what was returned by rev-parse.
return FullHash(commit) != last_non_merge
def MergeAbort():
"""Abort in process merge."""[GIT, 'merge', '--abort'])
def ShortHash(commit):
"""Return short hash of the specified commit."""
return[GIT, 'show', commit, '--format=%h', '-s']).rstrip()
def Fetch(remote=None):
"""Run "git fetch". """
cmd = [GIT, 'fetch']
if remote:
def GetRemoteMasterHash(git_url):
return[GIT, 'ls-remote', git_url, '--verify',
def GetCurrentBranch():
return[GIT, 'rev-parse', '--abbrev-ref', 'HEAD']).rstrip()
class GitBranch(object):
"""Class to manage git branches.
This class allows one to create a new branch in a repository to make changes,
then it commits the changes, switches to master branch, and deletes the
created temporary branch upon exit.
def __init__(self, branch_name, commit_msg, upload=True, commit_queue=False,
self._branch_name = branch_name
self._commit_msg = commit_msg
self._upload = upload
self._commit_queue = commit_queue
self._patch_set = 0
self._delete_when_finished = delete_when_finished
def __enter__(self):[GIT, 'reset', '--hard', 'HEAD'])[GIT, 'checkout', 'master'])
if self._branch_name in[GIT, 'branch']):[GIT, 'branch', '-D', self._branch_name])[GIT, 'checkout', '-b', self._branch_name,
'-t', 'origin/master'])
return self
def commit_and_upload(self, use_commit_queue=False):
"""Commit all changes and upload a CL, returning the issue URL."""
try:[GIT, 'commit', '-a', '-m', self._commit_msg])
except shell_utils.CommandFailedException as e:
if not 'nothing to commit' in e.output:
upload_cmd = [GIT, 'cl', 'upload', '-f', '--bypass-hooks',
self._patch_set += 1
if self._patch_set > 1:
upload_cmd.extend(['-t', 'Patch set %d' % self._patch_set])
if use_commit_queue:
output =[GIT, 'cl', 'issue']).rstrip()
return re.match('^Issue number: (?P<issue>\d+) \((?P<issue_url>.+)\)$',
def __exit__(self, exc_type, _value, _traceback):
if self._upload:
# Only upload if no error occurred.
if exc_type is None:
finally:[GIT, 'checkout', 'master'])
if self._delete_when_finished:[GIT, 'branch', '-D', self._branch_name])
class NewGitCheckout(object):
"""Creates a new local checkout of a Git repository."""
def __init__(self, repository, refspec=None, commit='HEAD',
subdir=None, containing_dir=None):
"""Set parameters for this local copy of a Git repository.
Because this is a new checkout, rather than a reference to an existing
checkout on disk, it is safe to assume that the calling thread is the
only thread manipulating the checkout.
You must use the 'with' statement to create this object:
with NewGitCheckout(*args) as checkout:
# use checkout instance
# the checkout is automatically cleaned up here
repository: URL of the remote repository (e.g.,
'') or path to a local repository
(e.g., '/path/to/repo/.git') to check out a copy of
refspec: which refs (e.g., a branch name) to fetch from the repository;
if None, git-fetch will choose the default refs to fetch
commit: commit hash, branch, or tag within refspec, indicating what point
to update the local checkout to
subdir: if specified, the caller only wants access to files within this
subdir in the repository.
For now, we check out the entire repository regardless of this param,
and just hide the rest of the repository; but later on we may
optimize performance by only checking out this part of the repo.
containing_dir: if specified, the new checkout will be created somewhere
within this directory; otherwise, a system-dependent default location
will be used, as determined by tempfile.mkdtemp()
self._repository = repository
self._refspec = refspec
self._commit = commit
self._subdir = subdir
self._containing_dir = containing_dir
self._git_root = None
self._file_root = None
def root(self):
"""Returns the root directory containing the checked-out files.
If you specified the subdir parameter in the constructor, this directory
will point at just the subdir you requested.
return self._file_root
def commithash(self):
"""Returns the commithash of the local checkout."""
return self._run_in_git_root(
args=[GIT, 'rev-parse', 'HEAD']).strip()
def __enter__(self):
"""Check out a new local copy of the repository.
Uses the parameters that were passed into the constructor.
# _git_root points to the tree holding the git checkout in its entirety;
# _file_root points to the files the caller wants to look at
self._git_root = tempfile.mkdtemp(dir=self._containing_dir)
if self._subdir:
self._file_root = os.path.join(self._git_root, self._subdir)
self._file_root = self._git_root
local_branch_name = 'local'
self._run_in_git_root(args=[GIT, 'init'])
fetch_cmd = [GIT, 'fetch', self._repository]
if self._refspec:
self._run_in_git_root(args=[GIT, 'merge', 'FETCH_HEAD'])
self._run_in_git_root(args=[GIT, 'branch', local_branch_name, self._commit])
self._run_in_git_root(args=[GIT, 'checkout', local_branch_name])
return self
# pylint: disable=W0622
def __exit__(self, type, value, traceback):
def _run_in_git_root(self, args):
"""Run an external command with cwd set to self._git_root.
Returns the command's output as a byte string.
Raises an Exception if the command fails.
return subprocess.check_output(args=args, cwd=self._git_root)