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Skia Tree Status

Design doc for multi-repo support is here.

How to add support for a repo to tree status

  1. Add a --repo=${repo} flag to tree-status.yaml for public repos or

    tree-status-internal.yaml for private repos and push.

  2. If the repo has SkCQ, then add to it's infra/skcq.json file:

    For public repo-

    "tree_status_url": "${repo}/current"

    For private repo-

    "tree_status_url": "http://tree-status-internal:8001/${repo}/current"

  3. If the repo has a status page, then it's tree status should automatically

    show up on the status page after step 1. This is possible due to the work in


  4. The skiastatus plugin on Gerrit will automatically show the repo's tree

    status after step1. This is possible due to the work in