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Skia SK Tool


The sk program is fetched into the Skia repo by:

  1. cd bin
  2. ./fetch-sk


The release-branch subcommand automates several tasks done on each Skia release. It is safe to run as it only creates Gerrit CLs to be reviewed and makes no permanent changes. It does the following:

  1. Creates a CL to update the Skia milestone in include/core/SkMilestone.h in the main branch. Example:
  2. Creates a CL to update supported-branches.json in the infra/config branch to edit the commit queue config to add the new branch and remove the outgoing (e.g. M-4). Example:
  3. Creates a CL to filter out unsupported CQ try jobs on the new milestone branch. Example:
  4. Creates a CL to remove the M-4 branch from the CQ in the M-4 branch. Example:
  5. Creates a CL to merge individual release notes into the top level file in the new milestone branch. Example:
  6. Creates a CL to cherry-pick the merge into the main branch. Example:

Running release-branch

Run as so:

./sk release-branch <release branch name>

For example:

./sk release-branch chrome/m113

Testing release-branch

release-branch works by creating CLs – which eventually merge into their target branches. Once this is done, running a second time will fail as the changes have already been made and release-branch treats empty CLs as an error. To enable testing run with the allow-empty flag:

./sk release-branch --allow-empty chrome/m113

After running, if all goes well, new CLs will be in the outgoing section of in your name. Some steps are smart enough to know that the change is already made and will not produce a new CL. As this is a test, they can be deleted once verified.

sk Deployment

Changes to sk are automatically pulled into Skia via an autoroller. Skia's fetch-sk retrieves the sk version from the DEPS file and pulls that version down from CIPD for the correct platform.

Avoid changing sk in the final days before a Skia branch without first coordinating with the Skia release manager. Skia is branched alongside Chrome, and the Chrome branch schedule can be found at