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import webpack from 'webpack';
import karma from 'karma';
import webpackConfigFactory from './webpack.config';
import { setCommonConfigOptions } from '../infra-sk/karma.common';
export = function(karmaConfig: karma.Config) {
const webpackConfig = webpackConfigFactory('', { mode: 'development' }) as webpack.Configuration;
setCommonConfigOptions(karmaConfig, webpackConfig);
// Note that any array type common options set by setCommonConfigOptions must be repeated
// here because @types/karma only exports Config.set, and while it merges configs, it
// always replaces arrays
files: [
// debugger-page-sk.ts expects to find SKIA_VERSION defined
// out debugger wasm products
{ pattern: 'build/debugger/debugger.wasm', included:false, served:true},
// the test files that setCommonConfigOptions already set
proxies: {
'/dist/debugger.wasm': '/base/build/debugger/debugger.wasm',