Skia-Buildbot Repository

This repo contains infrastructure code for Skia.

Supported Infrastucture Platforms

The infrastructure code is generally built to run on x86 linux. Running on other platforms may be possible but is not officially supported and success will vary depending on the command.

Getting the Source Code

The main source code repository is a Git repository hosted at It is possible to check out this repository directly with git clone or via go get.

Using git clone allows you to work in whatever directory you want. You will still need to set GOPATH in order to build some apps (recommended to put this in a cache dir). E.g.:

$ cd ${WORKDIR}
$ git clone
$ export GOPATH=${HOME}/.cache/gopath/$(basename ${WORKDIR})
$ mkdir $GOPATH
$ cd buildbot

Install dependencies

Almost all applications are built with Bazel, and bazelisk is the recommended tool to ensure you have the right version of bazel installed:

go install
go install
go install
go install
go install
go install

Add bazelisk to path

export PATH=$PATH:$(go env GOPATH)/bin

Install other dependencies:

sudo apt-get install jq

Build ~everything

bazelisk build --config=mayberemote //...

Test everything

bazelisk test --config=mayberemote //...

Generated Code

To update generated code run the following in any directory:

go generate ./...

Running unit tests

Install Cloud SDK.

Use this command to run the presubmit tests:

./run_unittests --small