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// See
// for documentation of the autoroller config.
"childName": "AFDO",
"contacts": [
"gerrit": {
"url": "",
"project": "chromium/src",
"config": "chromium"
"isInternal": false,
"ownerPrimary": "borenet",
"ownerSecondary": "rmistry",
"parentName": "Chromium",
"parentWaterfall": "",
"rollerName": "afdo-chromium-autoroll",
"serviceAccount": "",
"sheriff": [
"semVerGCSRepoManager": {
"childBranch": "master",
"childPath": "chrome/android/profiles/newest.txt",
"commitMsgTmpl": "Roll AFDO from {{.RollingFrom.String}} to {{.RollingTo.String}}\n\
This CL may cause a small binary size increase, roughly proportional\n\
to how long it's been since our last AFDO profile roll. For larger\n\
increases (around or exceeding 100KB), please file a bug against\n\ Additional context:\n\
Please note that, despite rolling to chrome/android, this profile is\n\
used for both Linux and Android.\n\
If this roll has caused a breakage, revert this CL and stop the roller\n\
using the controls here:\n\
Please CC {{stringsJoin .Reviewers \",\"}} on the revert to ensure that a human\n\
is aware of the problem.\n\
To report a problem with the AutoRoller itself, please file a bug:\n\\n\
Documentation for the AutoRoller is here:\n\\n\
{{if .CqExtraTrybots}}Cq-Include-Trybots: {{.CqExtraTrybots}}\n\
{{end}}Tbr: {{stringsJoin .Reviewers \",\"}}\n\
"gcsBucket": "chromeos-prebuilt",
"gcsPath": "afdo-job/llvm",
"parentBranch": "master",
"parentRepo": "",
"shortRevRegex": "\\d+\\.\\d+\\.\\d+\\.\\d+_rc-r\\d+-merged",
"versionFile": "chrome/android/profiles/newest.txt",
"versionRegex": "^chromeos-chrome-amd64-(\\d+)\\.(\\d+)\\.(\\d+)\\.(\\d+)_rc-r(\\d+)-merged\\.afdo\\.bz2$"
"kubernetes": {
"cpu": "1",
"memory": "2Gi",
"readinessInitialDelaySeconds": "30",
"readinessPeriodSeconds": "30",
"readinessFailureThreshold": "10"
"maxRollFrequency": "0m"