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  3. BUILD.bazel
  4. build_release
  5. Dockerfile
  6. Makefile

The cd image produced in this package encapsulates the build-images executable (./go/build-images) which is used in numerous Louhi stages.

These stages are configured in and used to do things like “Build a Docker container using the Bazel target //foo:bar”.


Because cd is used by Louhi it has no Louhi trigger and must be manually triggered. This is done by:

  1. Navigate to the cd Louhi page.
  2. Press the “Run” button to display the “New execution” dialog.
  3. Press the “RUN” button. Do not add any stage parameters.

When the cd flow has finished building a new Docker image will be listed at This must manually be integrated into the skia-infra repo by updating all cd digest references to the latest digest. Example CL: http://go/louhicl/100543.

Keep an eye on Louhi flow builds to ensure new builds are passing.