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Environment Monitor

Environment Monitor uses an attached sensor module to report various environmental readings to be recorded in metrics2.

The reported metrics are:

  1. Ambient temperature (C).
  2. Humidity (%).
  3. Ambient Light (Unit value 0..1).
  4. Sound level (dB).

This monitor currently uses the DLP-TH1C sensor module which is connected to the host via USB. The //skolo/go/sensors package communicates with the DLP-TH1C over serial.

Local Development

To run this locally a DLP-TH1C sensor module needs to be connected to your workstation. It can be run from the //skolo directory as so:

$ go run go/environment_monitor_ansible/main.go \
  -serial_device=/path/to/serial/device -metric_prefix=<prefix>

for example:

Here /dev/ttyACM0 is the sensor module device - yours will likely differ.

$ go run go/environment_monitor_ansible/main.go \
  -serial_device=/dev/ttyACM0 -metric_prefix=testing_

The metrics, which take ~30 seconds to get their first reading, can be read by:

$ curl -s http://localhost:20000/metrics

There is also a sensor library tool in //skolo/go/sensors_tool.


For instructions on deploying this, see //skolo/ansible/switchboard/roles/install_environment_monitor/