SkiaPerf Server

Reads Skia performance data from databases and serves interactive dashboards for easy exploration and annotations.


First check out this repo and get all the dependencies per this, including the Cloud SDK, which is needed to run tests locally.

In addition you will also need to install the cockroach binary. Download the full executable from here..

All building and testing is done by Bazel, but there is a Makefile that records regularly used commands.


To build the full project:

bazelisk build --config=mayberemote //perf/...


To run all the tests:

bazelisk test --config=mayberemote //perf/...

Note the first time you run this it will fail and inform you of the gcloud simulators that need to be running in the background and how to start them.

Running locally

To run a local instance of Perf against a fake dataset:

make run-demo-instance

You can also view demo/test pages of a web components by running from the root of the repo and passing in the relative path of the web component you want to view, for example:

./ perf/modules/day-range-sk

Note you need to have entr installed for this to work:

sudo apt install entr