Android Ingest Production Manual

Running locally

Do a git checkout of the target repo:

git clone

Then point to that directory as the url handed to androidingest as the --repo_url. This will give you up to date commits, but also doesn't require write access to the origin repo. You will probably have to be on a non-primary branch in the checkout so that the copy androidingest builds can push back to it.



The process of creating git commits to mirror buildids has too high on an error rate.

Check the logs for the exact operation in the process that is failing.


The storing of all uploaded data in the transaction log is failing. Check GCS permissions and the logs for the errors generated.


Visit and look at the “Recent Bad Requests” section and see why they are failing. A previous issue has been bad serializing of the data that is POSTed to the server where all the data was actually just encoded as one long string. If bad data is being generated contact http://go/android-ingest-contact.


The process of building the git repo is getting behind, check the logs to see if it is the androidbuild API or Gerrit.

$ kubectl logs -lapp=android_ingest | grep Timer: