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package data
import (
type FuzzReport struct {
// These are set by fuzzpool on ingestion.
FileName string `json:"fileName"`
FunctionName string `json:"functionName"`
LineNumber int `json:"lineNumber"`
Stacktraces map[string]StackTrace `json:"stacktraces"`
Flags map[string][]string `json:"flags"`
FuzzName string `json:"fuzzName"`
FuzzCategory string `json:"category"`
FuzzArchitecture string `json:"architecture"`
IsGrey bool `json:"isGrey"`
// ParseReport creates a report given the raw materials passed in.
func ParseReport(g GCSPackage) FuzzReport {
result := ParseGCSPackage(g)
stacktraces := map[string]StackTrace{}
flags := map[string][]string{}
for _, t := range common.ANALYSIS_TYPES {
stacktraces[t] = result.Configs[t].StackTrace
flags[t] = result.Configs[t].Flags.ToHumanReadableFlags()
return FuzzReport{
Stacktraces: stacktraces,
Flags: flags,
FuzzName: g.Name,
FuzzCategory: g.FuzzCategory,
FuzzArchitecture: g.FuzzArchitecture,
IsGrey: result.IsGrey(),
// SortedFuzzReports keeps the fuzzes sorted by FuzzName, i.e. the hash of the contents.
type SortedFuzzReports []FuzzReport
func (p SortedFuzzReports) Len() int { return len(p) }
func (p SortedFuzzReports) Less(i, j int) bool { return p[i].FuzzName < p[j].FuzzName }
func (p SortedFuzzReports) Swap(i, j int) { p[i], p[j] = p[j], p[i] }
// Append adds b to the already sorted caller, and returns the sorted result. If a fuzz
// with the same FuzzName already exists, b replaces it.
// Precondition: Caller must be nil or sorted
func (p SortedFuzzReports) Append(b FuzzReport) SortedFuzzReports {
i := sort.Search(len(p), func(j int) bool {
return p[j].FuzzName >= b.FuzzName
if i >= len(p) {
return append(p, b)
if p[i].FuzzName != b.FuzzName {
// insert
p = append(p, b)
// shift all elements over 1
copy(p[i+1:], p[i:])
// put b in the correct index
p[i] = b
// replace
p[i] = b
return p
// containsName returns the FuzzReport and true if a fuzz with the given name is in the list.
func (p SortedFuzzReports) containsName(fuzzName string) (FuzzReport, bool) {
i := sort.Search(len(p), func(i int) bool { return p[i].FuzzName >= fuzzName })
if i < len(p) && p[i].FuzzName == fuzzName {
return p[i], true
return FuzzReport{}, false