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IMG_SHA1 = 08d6f0b16a83d9961cdd4e79d9baddc7140dca98
gsutil cp gs://skia-backups/rpi_image/2018-08-23-${IMG_SHA1}.gz serve-rpi-image/rpi.img
# Check that the sha1sum matches using the --check mode of sha1sum.
# The way the files are stored in skia-backups means the hash in the name
# should match the hash of the unzipped image.
bash -c "echo '$(IMG_SHA1) serve-rpi-image/rpi.img' | sha1sum -c -"
.PHONY: build
build: serve-rpi-image/rpi.img
docker build -t serve-rpi-image ./serve-rpi-image
VERSION = 2018.08.23.08d6f0.v2
.PHONY: push
# format is date of image, first 6 of sha1 of image, then a version (to allow for re-spins)
docker tag serve-rpi-image${VERSION}
docker push${VERSION}
docker tag serve-rpi-image
docker push