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This means a given disk on one of our machines has a low disk. Running out of disk space causes problems, so we try to keep a healthy buffer (which varies depending on the total disk size). For machines running Swarming, this can cause issues when trying to download a task from Isolate, which has been a problem before ().

To fix, connect to the machine, and use df -h or a similar command to identify which disk(s) are low. du -hd 2 can be a useful tool for identifying which folders are taking up a lot of space.

  • If a /root disk is full, try cleaning out the APT cache sudo apt-get clean
  • If a /var disk is full, try deleting /var/logs/* and restarting the machine.
  • If a /tmp disk is full, it usually cleans itself up on a reboot.
  • On a swarming machine, if /b (/mnt/pd0) is full, there are few things to check:
    • /b/s/*_cache folders have gotten very large. If so, stop swarming, delete the folders, and reboot.
    • /b/docker (the docker cache) can take up 100+ GB. Clean it with sudo docker system prune -fa.

If many machines are experiencing this, you may want to use the run_on_swarming_bots script to fix them all at once.

Key metrics: collectd_df_df_complex