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  1. BUILD.bazel
  2. culprit_detection.pb.go
  3. culprit_detection_grpc.pb.go
  4. generate.go

Pinpoint Protocol buffer definitions

This directory contains .pb.go and _grpc.pb.go files generated from the .proto files in //bisection/proto/...

How to update protos

To update protobuf definitions:

  • make your edits to the .proto files(s) in //bisection/proto/...
  • run go generate from this directory to update the generated .go files
  • test and send your changes for review


Do not use the optional keyword.

optional is no longer a keyword in proto3, since fields are optional by default now.

The go generate step here appears to be perfectly fine if .proto files contain the optional keyword, but these files all use proto3 syntax. Other protoc invocations (such as the ones used to generate the python stubs for cabe in chromeperf's codebase) have had problems with optional and fail with error messages about it.

So optional is unnecessary in proto3, and it breaks things elsewhere if you include it here, so please don't.

Do not use the required keyword.