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Skia Debugger Asset Server

See /infra/debugger/ for a description of this app.


The debugger-assets application serves up the HTML/CSS/JS that makes up the debugger web UI. This is the place to make changes in the front-end functionality of the debugger.

To run the server locally make sure you have Go installed and then run:

    make run_server_local

Make sure you have $GOPATH/bin added to your PATH.

This will spin up a local asset server on port 9000.

At the same time you need a copy of skiaserver running that does the actual debugging work. You can build this as part of building the Skia library. Make sure when you run the command-line debugger that it runs looking for http://localhost:9000 and not I.e:

./out/Release/skiaserve --source http://localhost:9000