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// Contains the type definitions for all the emscripten bound methods from the wasm debugger.
// These are defined in //skia/experimental/wasm-skp-debugger/debugger_bindings.cpp
import type {
} from '../wasm_libs/types/canvaskit';
export interface Debugger extends CanvasKit {
SkpFilePlayer(ab: ArrayBuffer): SkpFilePlayerResult;
MinVersion(): number;
// An object containing either the successfully loaded file player or an error.
export interface SkpFilePlayerResult {
readonly error: string;
readonly player: SkpDebugPlayer;
export interface SkpDebugPlayer {
changeFrame(index: number): void;
deleteCommand(index: number): void;
draw(surface: Surface): void;
drawTo(surface: Surface, index: number): void;
findCommandByPixel(surface: Surface, x: number, y: number, upperBound: number): number;
getBounds(): SkIRect;
getBoundsForFrame(frame: number): SkIRect;
getFrameCount(): number;
getImageResource(index: number): string;
getImageCount(): number;
getImageInfo(index: number): ImageInfoNoColorspace;
getLayerKeys(): LayerKey[]
getLayerSummariesJs(): LayerSummary[];
getSize(): number;
imageUseInfo(frame: number, nodeid: number): ImageUseMap;
jsonCommandList(surface: Surface): string;
lastCommandInfo(): string;
loadSkp(ptr: number, len: number): string;
setClipVizColor(color: Color): void;
setCommandVisibility(index: number, visible: boolean): void;
setGpuOpBounds(visible: boolean): void;
setInspectedLayer(nodeId: number): void;
setOriginVisible(visible: boolean): void;
setOverdrawVis(visible: boolean): void;
setAndroidClipViz(visible: boolean): void;
export interface ImageInfoNoColorspace {
width: number,
height: number,
colorType: number,
alphaType: number,
export interface SkIRect {
fLeft: number;
fTop: number;
fRight: number;
fBottom: number;
export type Color = number;
export type Matrix3x3 = [
[number, number, number],
[number, number, number],
[number, number, number],
export type Matrix4x4 = [
[number, number, number, number],
[number, number, number, number],
[number, number, number, number],
[number, number, number, number],
// return type of lastCommandInfo after json.parse
export interface MatrixClipInfo {
ClipRect: [number, number, number, number],
ViewMatrix: Matrix3x3 | Matrix4x4,
export interface SkpJsonGpuOp {
Name: string,
ClientID: number,
OpsTaskID: number,
ChildID: number,
// TODO(nifong): bounds, stack
export interface SkpJsonAuditTrail {
Ops: SkpJsonGpuOp[],
export interface SkpJsonCommand {
command: string // name
shortDesc?: string // short description
layerNodeId?: number,
imageIndex?: number,
key?: string, // text that goes along with a DrawAnnotation command
auditTrail: SkpJsonAuditTrail,
// Return type of SkpDebugPlayer.jsonCommandList() after json.parse
export interface SkpJsonCommandList {
commands: SkpJsonCommand[],
// Indentifier of a layer update evenet
export interface LayerKey {
frame: number,
nodeId: number,
// Info about layer events relevant to a particular layer and frame
// struct from LayerManager.h
export interface LayerSummary {
nodeId: number,
frameOfLastUpdate: number,
fullRedraw: boolean,
layerWidth: number,
layerHeight: number,
// return type of imageUseInfoForFrame
// Keys are image ids, values are lists of command indices
export type ImageUseMap = Map<string, number[]>