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- hosts: all
remote_user: chrome-bot
become_user: root
become: yes
become_method: sudo
- name: Update and Upgrade
apt: upgrade=dist update_cache=yes
- name: Install openssh-server
apt: name=openssh-server
- name: Install binfmt-support
apt: name=binfmt-support
- name: Install qemu
apt: name=qemu
- name: Install qemu-user-sta
apt: name=qemu-user-static
- name: Install unzip
apt: name=unzip
- name: Install nfs-kernel-server
apt: name=nfs-kernel-server
- name: Install SSHPass
apt: name=sshpass
- name: Install collectd, without the JDK
apt: name=collectd install_recommends=no
# Create some directories that will be used by mounting image and pulld
- file: path=/opt/prod mode=0775 state=directory
- file: path=/opt/stage mode=0775 state=directory
- file: path=/opt/rpi_img mode=0777 state=directory
- file: path=/var/log/logserver mode=0777 state=directory
- file: path=/var/pulld mode=0777 state=directory
- name: Ensure resolvconf program is not installed
apt: name=resolvconf state=absent
- name: Ensure NetworkManager program is not installed
apt: name=network-manager state=absent
- name: Configure DNS with /etc/resolv.conf.
copy: src=resolv.conf dest=/etc/resolv.conf owner=root group=root mode=0644
- name: Get collectd config situated
copy: src=collectd.conf dest=/etc/collectd/collectd.conf owner=root group=root mode=0644
- name: Start collectd
service: name=collectd state=restarted enabled=true
- name: make sudo passwordless
lineinfile: "dest=/etc/sudoers line='chrome-bot ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL'"
- name: generate chrome-bot ssh
user: name=chrome-bot generate_ssh_key=yes ssh_key_bits=2048 ssh_key_file=.ssh/id_rsa
- name: Disabling host key checking
file: path=/etc/ansible/ansible.cfg mode=0777 state=touch
- lineinfile: dest=/etc/ansible/ansible.cfg line="[defaults]"
- lineinfile: dest=/etc/ansible/ansible.cfg line="host_key_checking = False" insertafter="\[defaults\]"
- name: Make convenient ~/start_serving_image script
dest: /home/chrome-bot/start_serving_image
mode: 0755
owner: chrome-bot
group: chrome-bot
state: present
line: 'ansible-playbook -i "localhost," -c local ./skia-buildbot/skolo/raspberry-pi/start_serving_image.yml -v'
create: yes