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  3. add-chrome-bot-to-sudoers.yaml
  4. ansible.cfg
  5. hosts.ini
  6. push_authorized_keys_to_linux.yml
  7. push_authorized_keys_to_mac.yml
  8. push_authorized_keys_to_router.yml
  9. push_authorized_keys_to_win.yml
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Skolo Ansible Access

These Ansible scripts can be run from a desktop machine and not from a lab computer.

Visit http://go/skolo-maintenance#heading=h.or4jzu6r2mzn for instructions on how to set up to run these commands.


Runs might fail for a small number of hosts, you can re-run a script for a specific host by passing -l (hostname) to the ansible-playbook command.

You can target a server not in hosts by appending a comma to the name:

$ ansible-playbook ./add-chrome-bot-to-sudoers.yaml --extra-vars variable_hosts=,