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// Package tracing consolidates the setup logic for using opencensus tracing and exporting the
// metrics. It is based off of //perf/go/tracing/
package tracing
import (
// Initialize sets up trace options and exporting for this application. It will sample the given
// proportion of traces.
func Initialize(traceSampleProportion float64) error {
exporter, err := stackdriver.NewExporter(stackdriver.Options{
// Use 10 times the default (because that's what perf does).
TraceSpansBufferMaxBytes: 80_000_000,
// It is not clear what the default interval is. One minute seems to be a good value since
// that is the same as our Prometheus metrics are reported.
ReportingInterval: time.Minute,
DefaultTraceAttributes: map[string]interface{}{
// This environment variable should be set in the k8s templates.
"podName": os.Getenv("K8S_POD_NAME"),
if err != nil {
return skerr.Wrap(err)
sampler := trace.ProbabilitySampler(traceSampleProportion)
trace.ApplyConfig(trace.Config{DefaultSampler: sampler})
return nil