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package main
import (
// gitSyncConfig contains the configuration options that can be defined in a config file.
// The JSON names of the fields match the flags defined in main.go.
type gitSyncConfig struct {
// BigTable instance.
BTInstanceID string `json:"bt_instance"`
// BigTable table ID.
BTTableID string `json:"bt_table"`
// Number of goroutines to use when writing to BigTable. This is a
// tradeoff between write throughput and memory usage; more goroutines
// will achieve higher throughput but will also use more memory. There
// are diminishing returns here, as the number of CPU cores and BigTable
// performance will also limit throughput. The default value in
// bt_gitstore.DefaultWriteGoroutines has been shown to keep memory
// usage within a reasonable range while still providing decent
// throughput; you should only need to override this value in the case
// of high memory pressure (fewer goroutines) or the initial ingestion
// of an exceptionally large repository (more goroutines).
BTWriteGoroutines int `json:"bt_write_goroutines"`
// HTTP port for the health endpoint.
HttpPort string `json:"http_port"`
// IncludeBranches specifies which branches of the given repo should be
// included; any others are ignored. These are given in the format:
// <repo URL>=<branch_name>[,<branch_name>]*
IncludeBranches []string `json:"include_branches"`
// ExcludeBranches specifies which branches of the given repo should be
// excluded; all others (or only those specified by IncludeBranches) are
// included. These are given in the format:
// <repo URL>=<branch_name>[,<branch_name]*
ExcludeBranches []string `json:"exclude_branches"`
// Indicating whether this is running local.
Local bool `json:"local"`
// Mirrors indicate that the data obtained for a given repo should come
// from a Gitiles mirror at a different location. These are given in the
// format: <repo URL>=<gitiles mirror URL>
Mirrors []string `json:"mirrors"`
// GCP project ID.
ProjectID string `json:"project"`
// Port at which the Prometheus metrics are be exposed.
PromPort string `json:"prom_port"`
// List of repository URLs that should be updated.
RepoURLs []string `json:"repo_url"`
// Interval at which to poll each git repository.
RefreshInterval human.JSONDuration `json:"refresh"`
// Work directory that should contain the checkouts.
WorkDir string `json:"workdir"`
// String returns all configuration settings as a string intended to be printed upon startup
// as feedback about the active configuration options.
func (g *gitSyncConfig) String() string {
ret := ""
prefix := " "
ret += fmt.Sprintf("%s bt_instance : %s\n", prefix, g.BTInstanceID)
ret += fmt.Sprintf("%s bt_table : %s\n", prefix, g.BTTableID)
ret += fmt.Sprintf("%s bt_write_goroutines: %d\n", prefix, g.BTWriteGoroutines)
ret += fmt.Sprintf("%s http_port : %s\n", prefix, g.HttpPort)
ret += fmt.Sprintf("%s local : %s\n", prefix, strconv.FormatBool(g.Local))
for _, mirror := range g.Mirrors {
ret += fmt.Sprintf("%s mirror : %s\n", prefix, mirror)
ret += fmt.Sprintf("%s project : %s\n", prefix, g.ProjectID)
ret += fmt.Sprintf("%s prom_port : %s\n", prefix, g.PromPort)
for _, url := range g.RepoURLs {
ret += fmt.Sprintf("%s repo_url : %s\n", prefix, url)
ret += fmt.Sprintf("%s refresh : %s\n", prefix, g.RefreshInterval.String())
ret += fmt.Sprintf("%s workdir : %s\n", prefix, g.WorkDir)
return ret