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include ../make/
include ../kube/
# First create a list of all the modules that ./go/rpc depends upon.
rpcDependentModules := $(shell go list -f '{{ join .Imports "\n" }}' ./go/rpc)
# Then use that list to find all the Go files that make up those dependent modules.
rpcDependentFiles := ./go/rpc/rpc.proto $(shell echo $(rpcDependentModules) | xargs -L 1 go list -f '{{ $$dir := .Dir }}{{ range .GoFiles }}{{ $$dir }}/{{ . }}{{ "\n" }}{{ end }}')
rpcOutputFiles := ./go/rpc/rpc.pb.go ./go/rpc/rpc.twirp.go ./modules/rpc/rpc.ts ./modules/rpc/twirp.ts
$(rpcOutputFiles): $(rpcDependentFiles)
go generate ./go/rpc
.PHONY: serve
@echo "Bazel doesn't have a serve-all option."
@echo "For the module under development, try running something like:"
@echo "bazel run //infra-sk/modules/task-driver-sk:demo_page_server"
.PHONY: all
all: task-scheduler-be task-scheduler-fe task-scheduler-jc validate_db
.PHONY: task-scheduler-be
$(BAZEL) build //task_scheduler/go/task-scheduler-be/...
.PHONY: task-scheduler-fe
$(BAZEL) build //task_scheduler/...
.PHONY: task-scheduler-jc
$(BAZEL) build //task_scheduler/go/task-scheduler-jc/...
.PHONY: release-be
release-be: task-scheduler-be build_base_cipd_release
$(BAZEL) run //task_scheduler:push_task_scheduler_be_container
.PHONY: release-fe
release-fe: task-scheduler-fe
$(BAZEL) run //task_scheduler:push_task_scheduler_fe_container
.PHONY: release-jc
release-jc: task-scheduler-jc
$(BAZEL) run //task_scheduler:push_task_scheduler_jc_container
.PHONY: push-be
push-be: release-be
$(BAZEL) run //kube/go/pushk -- --message="$(MESSAGE)" --use-temp-checkout task-scheduler-be
.PHONY: push-fe
push-fe: release-fe
$(BAZEL) run //kube/go/pushk -- --message="$(MESSAGE)" --use-temp-checkout task-scheduler-fe
.PHONY: push-jc
push-jc: release-jc
$(BAZEL) run //kube/go/pushk -- --message="$(MESSAGE)" --use-temp-checkout task-scheduler-jc
.PHONY: validate_db
go install -v ./go/db/validate_db