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package codereview
import (
// Interface to abstract out SkCQ communications with gerrit client and
// provide utility methods.
type CodeReview interface {
// AddComments adds a comment to the specified change using the
// AutogeneratedCommentTag.
AddComment(ctx context.Context, ci *gerrit.ChangeInfo, comment string, notify NotifyOption, notifyReason string) error
// GetChangeRef returns the change's ref string. A change ref has the format
// refs/changes/X/Y/Z where X is the last two digits of the change number,
// Y is the entire change number, and Z is the patch set.
// Eg: For change 401222 and patchset 140, the change ref would be:
// refs/changes/22/401222/140
GetChangeRef(ci *gerrit.ChangeInfo) string
// GetCommitAuthor retrieves the author of the commit that corresponds to
// the patch identified by issue and revision.
GetCommitAuthor(ctx context.Context, issue int64, revision string) (string, error)
// GetCommitMessage returns the commit msg of this change. Note: this returns
// the commit msg on the latest patchset.
GetCommitMessage(ctx context.Context, issue int64) (string, error)
// GetEarliestEquialentPatchSetID returns the earliest patchset that is
// functionally equivalent to the latest patchset (i.e. not a CODE_CHANGE
// patchset).
GetEarliestEquivalentPatchSetID(ci *gerrit.ChangeInfo) int64
// GetEquivalentPatchSetIDs returns a slice of patchsetIDs that are
// functionally equivalent to the specified patchset (i.e. not a
// CODE_CHANGE patchset).
GetEquivalentPatchSetIDs(ci *gerrit.ChangeInfo, patchsetID int64) []int64
// GetFileNames returns all the files modified (A/D/M) by this change.
GetFileNames(ctx context.Context, ci *gerrit.ChangeInfo) ([]string, error)
// GetIssueProperties returns a fully filled in gerrit.ChangeInfo object.
GetIssueProperties(ctx context.Context, issue int64) (*gerrit.ChangeInfo, error)
// GetLatestPatchSetID returns the patchsetID of the latest patchset.
GetLatestPatchSetID(ci *gerrit.ChangeInfo) int64
// GetSubmittedTogether returns the list of changes that will be submitted
// at the same time as the given change. Note: The specified change will not
// be included in the returned slice of changes.
// The returned ChangeInfo objects are fully filled in.
GetSubmittedTogether(ctx context.Context, ci *gerrit.ChangeInfo) ([]*gerrit.ChangeInfo, error)
// IsCQ returns whether the specified change is a CQ run.
IsCQ(ctx context.Context, ci *gerrit.ChangeInfo) bool
// IsDryRun returns whether the specified change is a dry run.
IsDryRun(ctx context.Context, ci *gerrit.ChangeInfo) bool
// RemoveFromCQ removes all CQ+1/CQ+2 votes on a change and updates the
// change with the specified message.
RemoveFromCQ(ctx context.Context, ci *gerrit.ChangeInfo, comment string, notifyReason string)
// Search returns open changes with CQ+2 or CQ+1 votes set.
// Note: This returns gerrit.ChangeInfo that are incomplete. Call
// GetIssueProperties to populate them.
Search(ctx context.Context) ([]*gerrit.ChangeInfo, error)
// SetReadyForReview publishes the specified change. i.e. it sets it from
// WIP to ready for reaview.
SetReadyForReview(ctx context.Context, ci *gerrit.ChangeInfo) error
// Submit submits the specifed change.
Submit(ctx context.Context, ci *gerrit.ChangeInfo) error
// Url returns the url of the issue identified by issueID or the
// base URL of the Gerrit instance if issueID is 0.
Url(issueID int64) string
// GetRepoUrl returns the url of the Googlesource repo.
GetRepoUrl(ci *gerrit.ChangeInfo) string
// GetCQVoters returns all CQ label voters.
GetCQVoters(ctx context.Context, ci *gerrit.ChangeInfo) []string
// NotifyOption are the different notification options supported by SkCQ.
type NotifyOption string
const NotifyNone NotifyOption = "NONE"
const NotifyOwnerTriggerers NotifyOption = "OWNER_TRIGGERERS"
const NotifyOwnerReviewersTriggerers NotifyOption = "OWNER_REVIEWERS_TRIGGERERS"