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  5. pdfium-build.commit
  6. pdfium.md5

Pdfium Installer

The scripts in this directory allow to manage the version of PDFium that is being used. checks out pdfium and builds the commit contained in pdfium-build.commit. After a successful build it will genrate the MD5-hash of the executable and upload the executable (with the MD5 hash in it's name) to Google Storage. It will also update the pdfium.md5 file with the new hash. downloads the pdfium_test executable that corresponds to the hash in pdfium.md5 and saves it in ${GOPATH}/bin under the assumption that directory is in the current path.

To update the version of pdfium_test follow these steps:

  • Update the pdfium-build.commit file with the desired commit from the pdfium repository.
  • Run the script, which will update the pdfium.md5 file.
  • Upon success commit the changed files.