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# Copyright (c) 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Pages that redirect to the currently running Skia Buildbot master."""
# TODO(rmistry): Delete this page when the new rebaseline server is ready.
import httplib
import logging
import urllib2
import base_page
# Static IP addresses of our various services.
# Map of service type to (list_of_possible_ip_addrs, port, subpart, protocol).
# The list_of_possible_ip_addrs, port, and protocol must be specified;
# subpart can be an empty string if not needed.
'rebaseline-server': (REBASELINE_SERVER_IPS, 10117, '', 'http'),
# Timeout to use in urlopen when determining which IP is up.
def _get_destination_url(service_type, slug, query_string=None):
"""Returns a complete destination URL from the service type and slug.
This function first determines which master from the possible_ips list is up.
It then constructs a URL using the service type's port, subpart and protocol.
The specified slug is then appended to this url.
service_type: string; Which service_type to look up in SERVICE_TYPE_TO_INFO.
If None, use the first path element within slug as the service_type.
slug: string; Path elements that appengine handed us to deal with--we append
this to the server-specific URL we create here.
query_string: string; The query parameters of the URL, everything after the
first ?. Optional.
A destination URL.
if service_type:
remaining_slug = slug
elif '/' in slug:
service_type, remaining_slug = slug.split('/', 1)
service_type = slug
remaining_slug = None
(possible_ips, port, subpart, protocol) = SERVICE_TYPE_TO_INFO[service_type]
for ipaddr in possible_ips:
# The test URL is used for validating that the IP + Port combination is up.
test_url = 'http://%s:%s' % (ipaddr, port)
urllib2.urlopen(test_url, timeout=URLOPEN_TIMEOUT).getcode()
# Now that we verified that the test URL is up use the service's protocol
# to construct the destination URL.
destination_url = '%s://%s:%s' % (protocol, ipaddr, port)
# Add the subpart and remaining_slug to the destination URL.
if subpart:
destination_url += '/%s' % subpart
if remaining_slug:
destination_url += '/%s' % remaining_slug
if query_string:
destination_url += '?%s' % query_string
return destination_url
except httplib.HTTPException, e:
error_msg = ('The buildbot master could not be contacted at any of %s' %
raise Exception(error_msg)
class GenericRedirectionPage(base_page.BasePage):
"""Generic redirector which lets _get_destination_url() figure out the
def get(self, slug, *args):
destination_url = _get_destination_url(
service_type=None, slug=slug, query_string=self.request.query_string)
self.redirect(destination_url, True)